Immortal Hulk, Volume 2: The Green Door

As Bruce Banner struggles to control the undying monster within, he finds himself hunted by his old friends and allies To what lengths will the Avengers go to stop a monster of their own making And the mysterious scientists of Shadow Base have their own plans for Banner, though they may just find

Black Ops (Expeditionary Force, #4)

The elite crew of the pirate ship UNS Flying Dutchman had a simple mission determining whether the Thuranin are sending another starship to Earth Along the way, they became sidetracked by securing a future for the UNEF troops on the planet Paradise When asked whether Earth was now safe, their anc

Grunge (Monster Hunter Memoirs, #1)

When Marine Private Oliver Chadwick Gardenier is killed in the Marine barrack bombing in Beirut, somebody who might be Saint Peter gives him a choice Go to Heaven, which while nice might be a little boring, or return to Earth The Boss has a mission for him and he s to look for a sign He s a Marin

Fury From the Tomb

Mummies, grave robbing ghouls, hopping vampires, and evil monks beset a young archaeologist, in this fast paced Indiana Jones style adventure Saqqara, Egypt, 1888, and in the booby trapped tomb of an ancient sorcerer, Rom, a young Egyptologist, makes the discovery of a lifetime five coffins and an

Lobster Johnson, Vol. 4: Get the Lobster

A Manhattan wrestling match goes terribly wrong when the ref is killed in front of a live audience by two crazed and seemingly bulletproof wrestlers Lobster Johnson s attempt to subdue the mad duo ends with him becoming public enemy number one Will the Lobster be able to clear his name with the fu

The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane

Legendary creator Matt Wagner returns to both write and draw an all new tale for the first and most famous of all pulp heroes, The Shadow Following his critically acclaimed work on The Shadow Year One and Grendel vs The Shadow, Wagner once again lends his masterful talents to unveil what evil lu

Old Venus

From pulp adventures such as Edgar Rice Burroughs s Carson of Venus to classic short stories such as Ray Bradbury s The Long Rain , the planet Venus has loomed large in the imaginations of science fiction writers Here, that steamy, swampy jungle world with strange creatures lurking amidst the drip

Forever and a Death

Two decades ago, the producers of the James Bond movies hired legendary crime novelist Donald E Westlake to come up with a story for the next Bond film The plot Westlake dreamed up about a Western businessman seeking revenge after being kicked out of Hong Kong when the island was returned to Chine

Dane Curse (Black Cape Case Files, #1)

For a guy like me, who can shrug off bullets and lift seven tons, there s no better profession than powered crime, and no greater burg to practice it in than Gold Coast City But after ten years of tossing Buicks at heroes I wised up, took the black cape off my back, and hung out a shingle Only ins

The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes

Cashed out from the NYPD after 24 years, Doak Miller operates as a private eye in steamy small town Florida, doing jobs for the local police Like posing as a hit man and wearing a wire to incriminate a local wife who s looking to get rid of her husband But when he sees the wife, when he looks into

Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses

From the incredible minds of iconic authors Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando comes the resurgence of a classic noir character The Shadow was a major influence of the Batman himself and now appears in this incredible six issue crossover event While investigating the murde of a Gothamite, Batman ident

A Princess of Mars (Barsoom #1)

A Princess of Mars is the first of eleven thrilling novels that comprise Edgar Rice Burroughs most exciting saga, known as The Martian Series It s the beginning of an incredible odyssey in which John Carter, a gentleman from Virginia and a Civil War veteran, unexpectedly finds himself on to the re

Tarzan of the Apes (Tarzan, #1)

Tarzan of the Apes How is this book unique Illustrations Included Free Audiobook Unabridged Edition Original Edition E Reader friendly Tarzan of the Apes is a novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first in a series of books about the title character Tarzan It was first published in the pulp m