Introduction to Soapstone Sculpting

Learn the art of sculpting soapstone The softness of the material makes it easy to work with using basic, simple tools Soapstone also produces beautiful colorful results when polished Carve a rabbit or a snail Sculpt a flower, a heart, or a butterfly Make a bowl With 737 color images, patterns

Direct Stone Sculpture

The ancient and wonderful art of direct stone sculpture is brought to life in this comprehensive new book by the noted sculptor, Milt Liebson After a brief, informative historical overview of stone sculpture, he leads the reader through the hands on experience of sculpting in stone This is an

Crafts and hobbies

An exceptional instruction book of over 40 crafts explained in detail leatherworking, candlemaking, basketry, stained glass, origami, quiltmaking, woodworking, winemaking, book binding, and much Also includes specific projects for most of the crafts.