You Hold Me Up

This vibrant picture book, beautifully illustrated by celebrated artist Danielle Daniel, encourages children to show love and support for each other and to consider each other s well being in their everyday actions Consultant, international speaker and award winning author Monique Gray Smith wrote

A Year Without Mom

A Year Without Mom follows twelve year old Dasha through a year full of turmoil after her mother leaves for America It is the early 1990s in Moscow, and political change is in the air But Dasha is worried about her own challenges as she negotiates family, friendships and school without her


Sam wants to go out but it s pouring with rain, so he and Grandpa decide to stay inside until the rain stops Sam drinks hot chocolate and reads his books and dreams of adventures while Grandpa gets on with his important paperwork Grandpa seems to have a VERY important letter to write Then that


Pandora lives alone, in a world of broken things She makes herself a handsome home, but no one ever comes to visit Then one day something falls from the sky a bird with a broken wing Little by little, Pandora helps the bird grow stronger Little by little, the bird helps Pandora feel less

The Dead Lake

A haunting Russian tale about the environmental legacy of the Cold War Yerzhan grows up in a remote part of Kazakhstan where the Soviets tests atomic weapons As a young boy he falls in love with the neighbour s daughter and one evening, to impress her, he dives into a forbidden lake The

Today Is the Day

Mutanu is excited As she goes about her chores, she thinks about the day to come and what surprises it might bring For today is no ordinary day at the orphanage she lives in Every year, the orphanage honors its newest arrivals by creating a birthday day especially for them From that moment


In una Sicilia diventata un immensa rovina, una tredicenne cocciuta e coraggiosa parte alla ricerca del fratellino rapito Fra campi arsi e boschi misteriosi, ruderi di centri commerciali e citt abbandonate, fra i grandi spazi deserti di un isola riconquistata dalla natura e selvagge comunit di

The Bus Ride

This is the first time I m taking the bus by myself Mom packed me a snack and had me bring my sweater in case I get cold But Mom likely didn t imagine the adventure her little girl would have as she rides to her grandmother s house in this sweet picture book While the bus is taking her down


Love shines through in the sticky notes shared between a mother and daughter in this picture book about making time for family in the midst of our busy lives Between work and school, homework and housework, a mother and daughter don t always get to spend as much time together as they d like Add to