Beneath the Lion's Gaze

An epic tale of a father and two sons, of betrayals and loyalties, of a family unraveling in the wake of Ethiopia s revolution This memorable, heartbreaking story opens in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1974, on the eve of a revolution Yonas kneels in his mother s prayer room, pleading to his god for an e

Sweetness in the Belly

Like Brick Lane and The Kite Runner, Camilla Gibb s widely praised new novel is a poignant and intensely atmospheric look beyond the stereotypes of Islam After her hippie British parents are murdered, Lilly is raised at a Sufi shrine in Morocco As a young woman she goes on pilgrimage to Harar, Eth

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears

A haunting and powerful first novel that views the streets of Washington, D.C and Addis Ababa through the eyes of Sepha who, seventeen years ago, fled Ethiopia during the Revolution, and now runs a failing convenience store in a poor African American neighborhood in Washington Published as The Bea

The Emperor

Haile Selassie, King of Kings, Elect of God, Lion of Judah, His Most Puissant Majesty and Distinguished Highness the Emperor of Ethiopia, reigned from 1930 until he was overthrown by the army in 1974 While the fighting still raged, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Poland s leading foreign correspondent, travel

Yes, Chef

It begins with a simple ritual Every Saturday afternoon, a boy who loves to cook walks to his grandmother s house and helps her prepare a roast chicken for dinner The grandmother is Swedish, a retired domestic The boy is Ethiopian and adopted, and he will grow up to become the world renowned chef

The Wife's Tale: A Personal History

In this indelible memoir that recalls the life of her remarkable ninety five year old grandmother, Guardian journalist Aida Edemariam tells the story of modern Ethiopia a nation that would undergo a tumultuous transformation from feudalism to monarchy to Marxist revolution to democracy, over the cou

Black Dove, White Raven

A story of survival, subterfuge, espionage, and identity Emilia and Teo s lives changed in a fiery, terrifying instant when a bird strike brought down the plane their stunt pilot mothers were flying Teo s mother died immediately, but Em s survived, determined to raise Teo according to his late mot

Say You're One of Them

Uwem Akpan s stunning stories humanize the perils of poverty and violence so piercingly that few readers will feel they ve ever encountered Africa so immediately The eight year old narrator of An Ex Mas Feast needs only enough money to buy books and pay fees in order to attend school Even when h

How to Read the Air

A heartbreaking literary masterwork about love, family, and the power of imagination, which confirms Mengestu s reputation as one of the brightest talents of his generation Dinaw Mengestu s first novel, The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears, earned the young writer comparisons to Bellow, Fitzgeral


One of today s most admired and controversial political figures, Ayaan Hirsi Ali burst into international headlines following the murder of Theo van Gogh by an Islamist who threatened that she would be next She made headlines again when she was stripped of her citizenship and resigned from the Dutc

All Our Names

All Our Names is the story of two young men who come of age during an African revolution, drawn from the safe confines of the university campus into the intensifying clamor of the streets outside But as the line between idealism and violence becomes increasingly blurred, the friends are driven apar

In Ethiopia with a Mule

Spurred on by romantic childhood memories of names such as Prester John, the Queen of Sheba and the Lion of Judah, and by a vision of Ethiopia as beautiful, dangerous and mysterious, Dervla Murphy set out on a hazardous trek through the Ethiopian highlands She travelled against official advice and,