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[Reading] ➱ Sinister Forces—A Warm Gun  ➹ Peter Levenda – Arvoldchiropractic.com The Roots Of Coincidence And Conspiracy In American Politics, Crime, And Culture Are Investigated In This Analysis That Exposes New Connections Between Religion, Political Conspiracy, Terrorism, And Occultism Readers Are Provided With Strange Parallels Between Supernatural Forces Such As Shaminism, Ritual Magic, And Cult Practices, And Contemporary Interrogation Techniques Such As Those Used By The CIA Under The General Rubric Of MK ULTRA Not A Work Of Speculative History, This Expos Is Founded On Primary Source Material And Historical Documents Fascinating Details On Nixon And The Dark Tower, The Assassin Cult And Recent Islamic Terrorism, And The Bizarre Themes That Run Through American History From Its Discovery By Columbus To The Political Assassinations Of The 1960s Are Revealed.

  • Peter Levenda
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • 0975290630
  • Sinister Forces—A Warm Gun
Sinister Forces—A Warm Gun

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