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➺ Goddess Power Oracle  Download ➽ Author Colette Baron-Reid – Arvoldchiropractic.com Internationally Acclaimed Oracle Expert And Best Selling Author Colette Baron Reid Delivers A Gorgeous, Deluxe Packaged Oracle Deck To Enhance Interactive And Meaningful Conversations With The Divine Feminine Aspect Of The Universe Drawing Upon The Symbolic Energy Of Many Goddesses From Ancient Cultures Around The World Energy That Can Be Reflected In Any Individual This Oracle Deck Provides Loving And Clear Guidance To Those Who Seek ItThe Depiction Of The Goddesses In This Oracle Is Non Traditional In Order To Blur The Lines Of What S Expected And Allow The Goddesses To Show Their Archetypal Essence Which Exists In Everyone Regardless Of Culture While The Oracle Leaves Room For An Evolving StoryThe Great Goddess Is Calling You To Open Up And Reconnect With The Universe In All Her Forms The Feminine Aspect Of The Universe Is Rising To Restore Balance In The World Will You Answer The Call And Receive Her Guidance Who Could We Become If We Knew How To Reclaim Our True Power Striking, Elegant Interpretations Of Goddesses From Cultures All Over The World Await You In Goddess Power Oracle Elen Of The Ways Call You To Your Path Artemis Offers To Guide Your Arrow Cerridwyn Urges You To Trust In The Unlimited Potential Of Your LifeBecause The Art Is Based On Photographs Of Real Women, Many Of The Eyes Are Illuminated To Glow With The Mystical Qualities Of That Goddess And To Imply The Eternal Light Shining From WithinMay The Great Goddess Awaken The Light Within You TooA Special Note From Colette My Artist And I Created This Deck In A Deeply Respectful Spirit, And The Way We Depict These Goddesses Is In No Way Intended To Replace Their Traditional Appearances This Is Especially True When It Comes To The Goddesses Who Are A Part Of A Living Religion, Such As The Hindu Goddesses Or The Indigenous Goddesses This Multicultural Oracle Deck Would Not Have Been Meaningful If These Goddesses Were Left Out The Choices In The Depictions Of The Goddesses Came From A Commitment To The Great Goddess And How She Expresses Herself In Every Woman, Every Person, And We Wanted This Deck To Show Each Goddess As A Symbolic Archetype Within A Unified Whole Rather Than The Actual Traditional Goddess We Hope You Love It

  • Colette Baron-Reid
  • 15 April 2018
  • Cards
  • 144 pages
  • 9781401956448
  • Goddess Power Oracle
Goddess Power Oracle

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