Free ↠ The Diary of One Who Disappeared By Jason Erik Lundberg –

Free ↠ The Diary of One Who Disappeared  By Jason Erik Lundberg – TINHAU, Twenty Five Years Have Passed Since The Range, An Autonomous Phlogistonically Enhanced Floating Mountain Range, Disappeared From The Skies, Having Left A Decade And A Half Of Terror And Infrastructural Devastation In Its Wake The North American Union Comprised Of The Remnants Of The USA, Canada And Mexico Has Finally Begun To Recover, Even While They Continue To Imprison Swees In Concentration Camps That Nullify Their Superpowered AbilitiesLucas Lehrer, A Civil Servant With A Conscience, Decides That The Best Way To Help These Imprisoned Scapegoats Is Through Political Partnership With A Swee Friendly Country The Southeast Asian Island Nation Of Tinhau Lucas S Immediate Supervisor On The Mission Is His Estranged Wife Ailene, And He Hopes That The Trip Will Also Reinvigorate Their Failing MarriageHowever, Religious And Cultural Differences Cause The Negotiations To Quickly Break Down Ailene Announces Her Intention Of Annulment As Soon As They Return To The NAU, But In An Act Of Rebellion Lucas Requests Asylum To Stay In Tinhau As He Begins His New Job At Tinhau S Ministry Of Stability, He Encounters An Odd Series Of Coincidences, In Which His Deep Seated Desires Start Coming True Among The Backdrop Of Societal Instability And Growing Nativism, He Befriends A Young Woman Who Is Not What She Seems, And Who May Not Be From Our Universe At All

  • Jason Erik Lundberg
  • English
  • 15 November 2017
  • Paperback
  • The Diary of One Who Disappeared
The Diary of One Who Disappeared

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